Women in Rej High School – short abstract

by Aleksandra Wróbel

While we were picking up which subject we would like to write about, we both exactly knew that this one is the best for us. We’re interested in feminism and women rights so we know a thing or two about it. We wanted to learn more about how women lived when they didn’t have the same civil rights as men and how their lives changed when they got it. We are both females and the history of letting women to do more is important for us. Without it, we probably wouldn’t even dream of finding different kinds of fulfillment of our present lives.

In this article we talk about the women who came a long way to make their dreams come true and to educate youngsters properly. We mainly talk about the women who contributed in making our school the

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Eugeniusz Lokajski – short abstract

by Zofia Kośla
translated to English and edited by: Małgorzata Lisiecka, prof. Anna Antoniak


The tradition of our School was created by a few generations of students. Their fates are entwined with the history of Poland in the 19th and 20th century – they are equally dramatic, and often heroic. Among many characters, who deserve commemoration, I paid special attention to an outstanding sportsman, later a soldier: Eugeniusz Lokajski. He impressed me with his perseverance, his energy and strength, which helped him overcome adversities.

Lokajski was born in Warsaw in December in 1908 to a simple family. In the year when Poland regained independence he was 10 years old. Probably he saw marching divisions of legions commanded by Józef Piłsudski, heard speeches of Ignacy Paderewski, and experienced with his family the joy of liberation. Photographs and literature of that time entrench experience of “new

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Macte Animo – short abstract

by Konrad Opałko
 edited by : Małgorzata Lisiecka, prof. Anna Cichocka

The Latin words „Macte animo” mean „Feel the spirit! Praise the spirit!”. This statement is dated from the 1st century AD. It is the motto of XI Mikołaj Rej High School in Warsaw.

The words „Macte animo” were taken from the poem „Thebais” written by the Roman poet Publius Papinius Stacius. This artwork is an epic poem which tell the story about the fight between brothers of  Antigone and IsmenePolynices and Eteocles for the reign over the Greek Thebes. Their duel is the dramatic point of the story.

„Thebais” is a development of a story about the expedition of seven against Thebes, repeated many times in the epic and dramatic works of Greeks and Romans. It was mentioned by the Greeks: Homer and Euripides and the Romans: Ovid, Seneca and Czytaj dalej „Macte Animo – short abstract”