***- Ewa Orzechowska

Wiersz powstał z okazji wieczoru poetycko-muzycznego poświęconego świętej Brygidzie, patronce Irlandii, zorganizowanego 31 stycznia 2019 r. przez Ambasadę Irlandii w Warszawie.

I’m not a story teller

but maybe the ghosts who

share their whispers with me


Once there was a girl

with beautiful eyes

with a pure heart

with hands always reaching skies

the grass under her feet

was always bright Green

the most alluring colour

you have ever seen

making emeralds ashamed

of the dark tone.

Leaves touched by her hand

always alive, weren’t gone

even in winter,

when her milky skin

matched the landscape

covered in snow, always clean

as White as her habits.

And you should see those flames

playing around her head,

shining hopefully

in their domestic, Orange light

making everyone smile so peacefully.

If that girl gives a blessing

to your property,

if during her festival

you share even a cup of tea,

you will have a lucky year

‘And is that the story?,’

you may ask.

So I will

give you a task:

Tell me please

where else have you seen

those three colours

Orange, White and Green?


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